Medical Treatment Seems to Change Political and Religious Beliefs

Well do shrooms help?

They don’t really help,

You’re just kind of high for a few hours then things go back to normal.

I’m sure shrooms can cause harm,

That’s just my experience.

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Well for you, it’s different from, and better than psychosis? Correct?

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Shrooms are better than psychosis, for me.

I don’t want to preach it’s benefits and break the forum rules.

If anything psychosis changed my beliefs.

why because its all in the drug is gona change your mind.if you practice and experience something it becomes part of your becomes a cell in the membrane lol.

Beliefs often change over time, anyway.

I was a believer in God from childhood until I was 21.5, then an agnostic for 18 years, then a believer in God from 39.5 till now (44).

It seems natural to change your beliefs as you learn, gain experience, and grow.

There is an old saying that may not be true, but it speaks to an expectation that people’s beliefs will probably change over time if they have a functioning brain: