Medical Marujuana CBD New York?

So i was wondering, if it is possible to get CBD in new york for treatment of schizophrenia, and where would i be able to get this stuff, because im on 4 medications and i want to get off of them because they have so many side affects, i just want to use something natural…not this pill crusade the pharmaceutical company’s push on us…while marijuana is still illegal…

While I totally agree with you on the damaging side effects of these meds - I have no choice right now, and know that I have to be on them.
I am waiting for the new CBD based drugs to be coming out - I just hope that the pharmaceutical companies do not make these drugs activating - the newer atypicals are designed to treat depression, because there is a big market for them - lots of profits to be made on depressed people - there are more people with depression than SZ or bipolar

I think youll have to wait till its legal in your state :frowning:
Im waiting for CBD based drugs to come out too
Phase 2a should be done by the second half of this year.