Medical Marijuana

My father is 86 years old and suffers with chronic back and leg pain.
He in constant excruciating pain.

He is seeing a pain management doctor who specializes also with medical cannabis for pain.

The doctor told my father to purchase a balanced edible with equal amounts of CBD to THC ratio.

Well my father went to the dispensary and the workers there sold him lemon lozenges with each lozenge containing only 1mg CBD and 10mg THC.

The worker there told my father to start off low and cut the lozenge in half so he’ll only be getting 5mg of THC.

Why in the world did they sell my dad a product with such low CBD numbers?

Isn’t 10mg of THC very high?

I’m concerned for my elderly father, I don’t want to see him getting stoned off his rocker! lol…

Is anyone familiar with the medicinal use of cannabis?

It’s legal here in New Jersey.

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Cannabis never helps. No matter what

Get him off it. Ive been around weed all my life and its never actually helped. If i read another " new research show " article about weed ima throw my pc out the window. Come

Its just horse shiit stories spoken by the most useless doctors

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Its the CBD thats used for pain, not THC. THC is only to get high.

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I disagree Walla, but I still love you! :wink:


CBD is a joke man. Its the ultimate placebo

As for THC - It will fuuck you, might not be day one, but come a few years, you gonna cry !

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I never tried it for pain so not sure, its just from what I read. I also have a hard time believing that it can replace pain drugs like morphine and codeine. Idk maybe its better than narcotics if Tylenol etc don’t work.

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10 mg is not a lot of THC,

But starting with 5mg is smart.

I don’t think he’ll get high on that amount.

The first time I did edibles I started on 10mg CBD/THC and it worked super well.

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When I say it worked super well,

I mean I felt good.

I don’t believe THC or CBD works that well for intense pain.

Since your father is so old, I don’t see the problem with giving him some real painkillers.

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Thanks guys.
Thanks @goldenrex

He’s going to start real slow.

I think he just wants to get high :rofl:

I don’t blame him.

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I just bought CBD lotion that I rubbed it on my calves because they were bothering me. I think it worked as I was able to take my hike after all.

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Do they sell CBD products at the dispensary? CBD flower, capsules, gummies, etc. I use the flower, and it does produce a euphoric feeling, but it’s not intoxicating, if that makes sense. Maybe a high dose of CBD, combined with a low dose of THC will be good for him. Just my opinion. The capsules may be the best way to go – as they produce the best effects without having to actually smoke the flower, I’ve found.

Both CBD and THC is used for pain.
CBD gets all the attention but THC is usually better for pain.

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He’s tried 25mg of CBD (capsules) with minimal effect.
He wants to see if THC will be better for his pain but we will start off slow, by cutting the lozenges in quarters.

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This is a good idea. Start slow, work your way up if you can. THC should work pretty well for pain, but it is intoxicating. I hope your father gets some relief, one way or the other.

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Thanks @Tulane 15151515

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My doctor and therapist have both told me that THC “activates” the CBD, making it more effective than CBD alone.


The lozenge only contains 1 mg of CBD.

I think we may wait till he contacts his doctor.

I don’t like the THC CBD ratio.

I’m worried about the higher THC content.

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Checking with the doctor first seems like the best option if you’re not sure.

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Yeah I don’t like what just happened.
His doctor wants him to purchase an equally balanced product.

Equal amounts of CBD and THC.

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