Medical Hospital Tomorrow


Well I got some bad news this evening. I showed the nurse the bruise on my knee that came out of no where, I did not fall or bang myself, but it is fairly large. For the average person, it would really not be anything to worry about, but I take blood thinners because I have 2 clotting disorders, one is Mae trunners syndrome (computer will not let me spell it right) and the other is a CNS protein deficiency. I currently have a blood clot in my left leg that has been there for 3 months and it is just not disolving, but as long as it does not get worse, and I stay on the blood thinners, it will be ok. The nurse saw the bruise and immediately told me I have to go to the hospital to be checked out. I told her it would have to wait till the morning and she said that would be fine, but it is something that needs to be addressed. I think all they will do is some blood work and lower the dose of the blood thinner, and send me on my way, but it is such a hassle to go through all of this. I was on Coumadin for 8 or 9 yrs and the blood work was such a pain, so they gave me a new drug, and now this is what it caused. Sorry this is so long, I am really stressed out. Thanks for listening.


Stay strong buddy.

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Just out of curiosity, was the new drug Eliquis? I’ve seen ads for how superior it is compared to Coumadin and such. I thought, according to the advertisement, that Eliquis seemed promising. Anyway, glad you are getting checked out. Hope it all goes well for you at the hospital.


From what the t.v. said, else quiz is for if you have afib, I am not sure if is used as a blood thinner for other reasons, but I will be sure to ask whend I see the doctor. I am up non at 3 am because I had a major nose bleed for the last half hour, it just stopped or it seemed to anyway, it came out of nowhere in my sleep.


@Kittycat-glad you are taking care of yourself OO