Medical experts and gaslighting

if i disagree with a cpn i always have to explain myself

i’m smarter than them, but if they disagree with me, then i’m wrong

if they aren’t smart enough to understand the situation, then i’m wrong, even when i’m right

i’ts kinda humiliating to always have to explain yourself and the situation, cos ‘you’re the crazy one’

we may be ill and often get it wrong, but not every ■■■■■■■ time. many of us are smarter than cpn’s or even psychiatrists


Edit: we may have hallucinations and delusions, but we’re not idiots, or iq challenged. It is possible for some of us to be smarter than cpn’s and shrinks i thiink, and they’re not always right. Am I wrong?

I don’t think its a matter of who’s smarter,

Its about who’s experienced and qualified.

The reason they usually know what’s best is because they have specialized education and training.


I do think it’s a matter of who’s smarter.

Edit: sure experience and education are important too. And they often know best, but not always… some of them are ■■■■■■■ idiots and know very little.

Edit2: but they give the image of themselves as authorities and that everything they say is true… which is bullshit.

I can remember a couple of times where I went off meds because I thought I was smarter than my doctor.

a) They turned out to be not very good times at all.
b) I felt pretty dumb after the fact.


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Smarter isn’t the same as more educated or experienced.

Doctors aren’t very smart, they’re just good at memorzing info, jeez.

I’ve not met a pdoc who is smarter than me, more educated and experienced yeh, but… oh ■■■■ it, i’m going to bed. g’nite

True. I know a lot computers, repairing electronics, cooking, and photography. Also, current North American politics, Greeky mythology, and Doctor Who. None of this qualifies me to mess around with my meds.

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