Medical exam SSD disability insurance

I am having a medical exam to help the state decide whether or not I can receive social security disability benefits. The exam is about a month away. Any advice? I’m sza. Please.

I never had a medical exam before I got my ssd

I didn’t have an exam either.

I didn’t have an exam. But I would be sure to voice all my struggles. If family has seen and experienced your psychosis etc I’d be prepared to let them know that in an exam too. I have multiple disabilities based on my medical records. When I got approved I got paperwork that listed all my disabilities. Do you only have mental illness or do you also have physical issues too? I’d bring copies of medical records to the exam

I have sza and that is why the intent of my claim was for mental illness. Somewhere on one of the questions I put down I had minor back pain. But, the request for the medical exam said it was “physical”. However, the paralegal handling my case said it should just be ignored since the claim was for sza, and not back pain.

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I think you should bring up all your sza symptoms and struggles at the exam. It should help you

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