Medical devices for future applications in psychotic and other degenerative disorders
(elon musks new brainchild, pun intended)

Neuralink is an investigational closed loop neurofeedback based modulator. It tracks and records then modulates action potential. it is robotically implanted into the cerebellum (or any other lobe like the temporal or occidental type forebrain regions) in under 30 minutes. It is a closed loop Artificially intelligent electrode array that consists of thousands of fiber optic cables implanted into the space between neurons. these threads are less than 1/100 the size of a human hair. The potential applications could be used for any central or peripheral nervous system disorder in theory. As the implant cant track and record a controls or your own efficient and stable action potentials that facilitate cognition and sentience and mood. For instance modulating neuronal activity in say the striatal or metcacortical regions or the frontal lobe with the assitance of action potential assisted modulation could in essence use downstream neurotransmitter releases to completely stabilize endogenous monaminergic and glutamatergic pathways and serotonin pathways as well. In short it could alter and stabilize any neurotransmitter system in real time due to the closed loop AI aspects. Also the implant is removeable as the actual “chip” is akin to a magnetic bluetooth device similar to the one Niander Wallace utilizes in blade runner 2049.
Lastly there are also other brain machine interfaces in development .DARPAs RAM initiative (restoring active memory, already human trials and a tentative increase in 15% working memory capacity in epileptic patients with pre-existing deep brain implants for refractory seizure amelioration)
and a mysterious one known as KERNEL (non invasive one)

the future is bright. Schizophrenics and other patients with mental diseases could potentially be the first superhumans according to musk in his neuralink interview’s.
Neuralink is also wifi enabled (you can remove or take this feature offline)
so you can actually download information through learning algorithms that mimic learning and experiential action potential states.

sorry said “cant” instead of can when referring to implants capabilities to map and modulate action potentials. That is its mechanism of action. think of it as a implanted self regulating ECT or TMS device is lay terms. (ECT induces a seizure that induces neurogenesis and synaptic plasticity, tms does the same but in a targeted manner. Temporal lobe Seizures and TMS sessions are all hinged on action potential as well. A seizure is by definition over activity and excitability and one big action potential firing in every neuron in the region that the seizures occur in.