Medicaid is stupid

Seriously so mad right now. My pharmacy refuses to fill my prescription because it’s not covered by my insurance. Okay fine, I tell them I will pay cash for it. They say no can do because we need a preauth for this prescription. I say I can pay cash, no need for a preauth because we’ve tried the preauth back in April and they denied it. So I’ve already been down this road. I tell them we tried that already and they denied it. I say I just want to pay cash. They say again no can do we need a new preauth and a new denial before I can pay cash. Medicaid is so stupid they won’t let me just pay cash even though they aren’t covering it.

I still have a lot of the medication left right now but I like to be a month ahead, and this situation is exactly why I like to be ahead.

It’s Modafinil, I really rely on it for my early work mornings.


That’s great thinking. I’ve got some excess Abilify just in case there’s a shortage or something too.

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I had Medicaid for 1 year. It was before I got SSDI. I honestly was amazed at how good my plan was.

But I did research all the plans I had to choose from online.

Plus I called drs offices and asked them which plans they liked best and why.

After that, I picked what I truly believe was the best plan possible.

It paid off to do that because my coverage was crazy good.

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Oh I have great coverage don’t get me wrong. It’s just this one medication they don’t cover and the process to pay cash is just screwed up


Can you have it sent to a dofferent pharmacy and not give them your insurance? Just tell them it is all self-pay? If they have no record of your insurance, they can’t catch you in the loop. We do this with one of Starlet’s meds.


I have to have this pharmacy because it’s the closest I can get by bus. Plus Walgreens, CVS and Safeway all have my insurance on file. I’m trying to get this at Walmart

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i paid cash recently because the preauthorazation was taking too long. the pharamacy let me. i have medicaid. id try a different pharmacy,. sounds like ur pharmacy doesnt know what theyre talking about


Yeah sadly though I can’t switch pharmacies just because of public transport struggles

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