Medicaid in NY questions

I just applied for Medicaid in NY, and I qualify financially, but soon I will hopefully be working enough that I will have insurance through my employer. Do I qualify for Medicaid still based on my disability, or does that all depend on what my pdoc says, how capable of working I am, or other factors? My technical diagnosis is psychosis NOS, which my pdoc explained as, “you have schizophrenia, but since you had a brain tumor, I can’t legally call it schizophrenia. So you have psychosis NOS.”

You should be able to get it.
If you can`t work, you may be able to get Medicaid/Medicare…my son gets both.

Medicaid is income based only, In upstate NY its around $700 a month. In order to get Medicare you have to have been disabled for 2 years and be getting SSDI.

No, sorry, I was misinformed. Turns out you are allowed to work if you have a disability. You are allowed to work and make more than the poverty level and still get Medicaid. Medicaid Buy-In Program for Working People With Disabilities I just found out about it because of my own issues with Medicaid.

That is really good to know. Thank you.