Medicaid denied payment on my ER bill. Now what

Medicaid denied coverage for my physicians statement ER bill of $1500 and now it’s landing on me to pay it. I don’t know what to do!!


what was the reason for the denial?

Call the hospital, they potentially will lower the bill and will offer payment plans.


Contact either the ombudsman or the grievances department for your state’s Medicaid. Appeal the decision. Hopefully they reverse it for you. Did you leave the ER prematurely? Against medical advice (AMA)? If so, you’re likely stuck with it.

Apply with the hospital for financial aid

Just got off the phone with my states Medicaid department apparently I think it was an error on the hospitals billing part so they’re gonna fix it hopefully and I won’t owe anything


You can appeal it, you have that choice. Do it as soon as possible. Another option if you have medicare, you can send that bill them, they also cover er bills. Also call your insurance, this has to be a mistake or error ER Bills are always covered, call them asap, dont wait too long. I hope you dont have to pay the bill, but i pretty confident you wont, this has to be a mistake, medicaid makes billions of dollars, they cover this bill with no problem trust me call them .

Fingers crossed!!!

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