Medicaid and Mental Health

Is it true they will get rid of Medicaid? I depend on it; and it is the way I am able to receive healthcare. I have been struggling a lot especially when its colder and I take a lot of vitamins, but the anti-psychotic really helps me because I have pleasant dreams, I am less depressed, and it prevents me from becoming psychotic which is miserable. I don’t want to live the rest of my life being manic or psychotic although I would probably lose some weight; I risk relapse and drug-abuse and all sorts of things if my Schizophrenia and Bipolar aren’t controlled. Abilify has also kept me from being suicidal. It really helps keep me stable.

If they were to take away Medicaid from me it would make it a lot harder to be med compliant and to consider taking medications for schizophrenia or bipolar. I was also denied SSI in the past few days so I am waiting for a letter to appeal and get a court hearing; I applied for being Bipolar and then my psychiatrist changed the diagnosis to Schizophrenia. My mother also has schizophrenia. I know I wasn’t mis-diagnosed, that’s wishful thinking. But I just have issues with the context of the label schizophrenia and how it is used to discriminate people’s beliefs.

I mean I would not mind that they just get rid of medicaid if it means I am no longer called schizophrenic or bipolar, but I am not sure that’s the best solution.

I haven’t heard they’re getting rid of Medicaid. They might get rid of expanded Medicaid but I doubt they’ll get rid of Medicaid altogether

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Im not sure what the difference is between expanded medicaid and regular medicaid.

To get regular Medicaid you need to make 100% or less of the federal poverty level for your family size. If you’re not married and don’t have children under 18 your family size is 1. To get expanded Medicaid, you need to make 130% or less of the federal poverty level for your family size. For both, you also must have less than $2,000 in assets not including one car and one house

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Ok than I still qualify for expanded medicaid and regular medicaid. So maybe my benefits will be less substantial if they rollback the ACA I’m not sure. Right now I qualify for prescriptions at no cost, no copays for psychiatrist visits which are right now over the phone, and I also am able to see a general doctor without copays. It has been a huger life-saver for me and cost-saver. I don’t have to pay for prescriptions because I can’t afford them. Also, the DHHR pretty much handles everything so I don’t have to do much but I think I may need to do a review. I really don’t want to lose the plan I have because it pays for everything. Even when hospitals still try to bill me for things I don’t owe.

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I totally understand. I was on Medicaid before I got my disability. Everything was covered. Now I pay a ton out of pocket. My problem is we actually make very little money as my husband and I are both disabled, but we can’t count our kids we take care of. My stepdaughter gets claimed by her mom even though we have her 5 days a week and my daughter is too old to be counted as a dependent. We would have to fight my stepdaughter’s mom in court to get her to be ordered to stop claiming her but we can’t afford to do that.

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