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I want to post a video. If someone likes it I will be able to say my opinions of what is obviously wrong overall. If a woman likes it this would assist the explanation and Tigertailz have a lot of female fans so there is a fairly good chance. If no one likes it I am stuck but have lost nothing by trying.
If people like the first video I will post a second. If anyone likes this I can talk freely but you will already have a fairly good idea of everything I know so my input will not be necessary however I am happy to answer any questions at any point.
After the second video you will know the phenomenon. You will know how I did it and what drives it. You will have a rough idea of what it looks like. There’s actually two because there is one when you are driving the issue. This phenomenon never happened before my lifetime unless by accident.
These videos teach you nothing but they stop the blocking behaviour of the forum if there is anyone who likes the first video. With the blocking behaviour stopped the issue is obvious and simple.
Do you just post a youtube link to post a video? If you guide me how to post a video I will post Tigertailz tomorrow night and Vain the following night. Hopefully someone said they liked Tigertailz. Then I will say what is obviously wrong.
Thank you.

Hi, yes it is easy to post a video. You simply copy the web address from youtube then you can just paste it into your forum post, and it will automatically show as a clickable video I think.

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My motivation is I want a revolution.

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Yes well lots of people do tend to get murdered during a revolution. Peaceful revolutions are not unheard of, but they are rare, and do tend to put the wrong people in power. I always look to find a peaceful solution if there is one.

Also I am not a woman, but I did like the song.


If you can get a presenter on a program to mention a blog or Facebook page then many thousands of people will instantly go to it. If you have prepared the page with a subject that people want solved then they will instantly get the address mentioned on every station around the world. Therefore getting one mention on a small regional station is enough for a revolution which would start within seconds.
I have done this many times and I know what happens. In 2000 I was able to get my friend who works in media to ask a presenter to mention a blog as there was no Facebook or Twitter. I wanted the presenter to choose which blog so he would be happy with saying the address and to my surprise he phoned me up and was really enthusiastic. He told me which blog and he told me to set it up how I wanted. I did it at work with the accountant’s help.
Audiences of millions of people are well behaved anyway and if you speak to them directly you will have a good conversation. The intelligence is perfect, the information is total and the strategy is perfect. In 2000 they just sent me one text in block capitals at the end even though I always broadcast my number and address.
I want you to mention on a small station. A retweet is a good start. List below what you want solved. Do you want to solve women’s oppression? Then everyone write the status. Do you want to solve Syria? The only solutions being considered a political and what people know. The obscure technical solutions that would work are not being considered because they are not political.
I know very well what the situation is over all. It’s a lie. The motivation of the people in charge is to kill you. If you mention like I say then it’s no issue.
I can deliver every patient in the world for research and every researcher to help. Politics or money don’t restrict me. It takes a few days to solve all disease and start eternal life. You can easily keep people alive for long periods so once people know to delay death then I can relax this weekend because I only need a few days. I have done this many times. The condition set by the population is that I must be 40 so all my revolutions before 2016 are reversed.
If someone can get mentioned maybe with my name then the line will be drawn which at the moment is causing me huge stress. After it’s mentioned then the problems to do with Earth are over.
I know from experience we are on for Proxima Centauri and the issue of other me’s. My problems are drawing the line and space exploration. You can go faster than light – I’ve asked previously. If you want to help me then draw the line by simply emailing or tweeting a station – that is all I am asking for.
I don’t want any replies to this before the line is drawn. I don’t want to log into after I post this. Get me brought back on when the line is drawn and we can have a more relaxed conversation. I would like the mention by this weekend so I log back in on Saturday. Do what you can.
Thank you.

i’m not sure i believe you’re crazy. if you are, you’re hiding your real delusional thoughts behind this . . . i don’t want to use the term that comes to mind. what are you really thinking?

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Thanks for your response. It’s very interesting. The next thing I want to do is do get an economics graduate to go through my beliefs about government. I cannot prove anything I am saying happened. I can’t prove a thing. But I can show an economics graduate that my beliefs are reasonable.
I have made strong claims about government in this thread. Please try and get an economics graduate to go through my economics thread. All my arguments against government require people with quite good knowledge of economics to understand what I am saying.
If I get marks in that thread then I am not psychotic. It means I am reasonable. That is what I can show.