Media depictions

things are so complicated around the world, it’s hard to watch the news anymore

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You’re probably better off not watching the news. It’s filled with negativity mostly.


Im addicted to the news, I watch CNN all of the time.

But lately, there has been some pretty horrific stuff on the news - think that I will cut back on watching the news for a while.

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I don’t watch the news because I don’t see the point. I can’t stop terrorist attacks or stop Donald Trump. I can just learn about crap that doesn’t involve me and then have a useless opinion on what to do about the crap.

I focus on what I can do, and I do it. I do more good with what I do in school and by striving to be the best I can be, because someone has to speak up for persons with mental illness- that’s what my research is all about and that’s where I come in- people who know me think a lot differently of schizophrenia because they’ve seen me do what I do, usually as well as they do it, often times actually better, a lot better. It’s punching stigma in the balls. I’ve been called an oxymoron by some- they say it’s a little odd that I am an outstanding psychology student while having the worst mental illness. I think it’s a good thing- it disconfirms the stereotype of a schizophrenic. Not too much, but plenty enough. If I didn’t have my flaws, I would be cast aside as an exception to the rule, with the rule still set in stone. Any less disconfirmation of the stereotype, and I would be just another nutcase.

All grounded in research which I cited in my thesis and incorporated into my project.

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I don’t have a t.v. but I do get caught up in the newspapers…

I have to cut back… too much and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by all that’s wrong with the world… and it’s easy to feel helpless…

There is a whole world of things that are in fact going well… but the news will never mention that.

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Being an example is a strong point you’ve made. Instead of dwelling on what I can’t change I’ll try to be more of a good example.

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