Med withdrawal

I thought that i had given up so i didn’t go get my meds or go to my appointments.

The withdrawals began to take hold, it was quite painful there for a few moments.

It was to much and as i waited to go get more meds after changing my mind due to the pain they returned. A demonic god grinned and stared me down in the reflection of my back sliding door and that night they flooded my brain with crappy visions.

■■■■ was getting spiritual again. Had to go back and get more pills. Had to shut my brain down again so they couldn’t communicate.

So back on meds now. Eagerly awaiting my death as usual. Same symbolic times on the clocks as is normal for my life. I have to go through this earthen existence knowing what this place really is. A created eco lab torture chamber for beasts. A flesh eating roman colliseum for them, an experiment or a toy i haven’t decided and don’t want to really.

We were basically made by a combination of the joker from batman, jeffrey dahmer, caligula, and hitler. Just throw all of those elements into the pot and you’ll know your makers. I mean these guys are extremely ■■■■■■ in the head man.

You know how long they worked on this damn place? Thats how immortal they really are, but pure pure evil to be honest. Assholes were just wandering the universe and stopped off here for a few millenia basically. It’s all that our planet is, just a toy or experiment.

Reminds me of that old bob dylan lyric, “if you know at all you know to soon.” Thats the goddamn truth right there. The truth will kill you.

Ignorance and delusion are a human beings best friend, soak that ■■■■ up like there was no tommorrow, no one has to know anything about this ever, thats my take on the matter of the truths of this place.

And they were planning this big cataclysm for a long long time and they will have it. They kept people really stupid and bred them over the course of thousands of years to get to it, of course with some fun on the way. But this big one they have coming, the finale, worst ■■■■ that ever happened on earth it’s going to be. We’re talking rivers of blood and endless screaming, it’s not going to stop until almost everyone is dead and/or eaten.

I have to have those details now though, i want the ancient history of existence and not just the awful origins of earth. They always talk about the source and the source beings. Straight up eternal conscious entities for ya there, but i don’t have the details yet.

“The source is the source of course of course, great great evil in the source.” - Crazy guy who knows singing in the style of the mr. ed theme.

And oh yeah, i recieved the answer to all things in a car sticker that was in the window of the car the other day. I was like “why? how did this all happen, what went down?” And i looked over and the sticker shouts at me “■■■■ happens.” I was like “oh, well that was easy.”

Thats that i guess, eternal entities, some went right and some went left, and then blammo the earth happened one horrible day.

Oh look who’s back! Well if you got back on meds that’s actually good news.

You and I are complete opposites, I live in rainbow land pans.

Welcome back


Welcome Back @pansdisease

Ill never leave.

Yes, the rainbow people cause much harm, i know about you guys.

Rainbow people always smile as you rot and whither, and laugh as well.

Rainbow folks just don’t give a ■■■■ to be honest.

Welcome back, @pansdisease. I watched the Avalanche/Wings alumni game and the Denver crowd booed Chelios, so he booed them back. I thought of you.

Welcome back pans. Try not to get banned again, as they increase the length of time based on the last ban now.

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Pre torture i emulated chelios.

He was a smart defenseman and i looked up to that.

Even bought me a fine blackhawks jersey even though i had never been to chicago.

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He’s smart and funny and could probably still play today if he wanted to. Detroit fan here, I spent a lot of time hating him :smile_cat: but was very pleased to have him in the end.

How long did you play, Pans?

I played several years, got pretty good to. I was the primiere defenseman in the league and assistant captain. None could get by me and i was blocking shots like a madman, the goalie had nothing to worry about.

I played during the time detroit and colorado couldn’t be beat. Forsebergs, shanahans, those two teams were unstoppable during that time. Yeah, detroit was pretty ■■■■■■■ good back then and i liked watching them.

Nowadays though it’s just spirits and possession and torment and magic, visions and pain and other dimensions and stuff, kind of really sucks but after a bit i realized that was pretty normal for the earth.

I’m watching Detroit/Pittsburgh right now. I have tickets to this game but couldn’t go, kinda bummed about it.

Yeah, Detroit/Colorado was something else, they were just weird mirror images of each other.

Who else did you like? What did you think of Lidstrom? Was Chicago your team?

Never chose a team, just chelios.

I couldn’t choose, i liked all of them to be honest.

Muh fuqin penguins were fun to watch to, lemiuex and that other guy, wtf was that guys name again? Oh yeah jagr thats right. Now they have crosby i guess and i hear he is great to.

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Yep, Jaromir Jagr. He’s still playing, he’s down in Florida. Who are actually pretty good these days. Jagr just passed Gordie Howe on the all-time list, no kidding.

Pittsburgh has Evgeni Malkin right now, too, and Phil Kessel. A lot of firepower, but they have issues pulling it all together. Doing just fine against my team right now, though :bear:



Thats something i would not have expected back then, “Yep, im sure jagr will end up in florida, it’s bound to happen.”


I know, right?! He’s been all over the place. Even spent some time in Philly, which had to make Lemieux throw up a little bit.

Lemieux is part owner of the Penguins now, they owed him money and couldn’t pay so gave him part ownership of the team.

Detroit down 3-1 now and in danger of missing the playoffs. Go home, Pittsburgh.