Med taken away

I’ve moved to a new place and my new doctors says ''she doesn’t like to prescribe that medication" - I’m like wtf, this is the only med I’ve been able to have a life with, I’ve been in relationships, and worked full time as a truck driver earning decent pay. I take 1 milligram as prescribed and don’t abuse it and it simply works, I don’t like it cause of it’s hazy side effects but decided out of all the meds I’ve tried in my life time this was the best. Now what can I do? Just go down with the ship and lose my life? Get a new Doc? Lose my income just cause a doc wants a med change or doesn’t want to prescribe it. Albeit I’ve read how addictive Klonopin is but I’m not an addict I’m using it to live , maybe I’ll have to die now? I just don’t know who to talk to or what to do?? Going to another doctor seems deceiptful but also talking to this one to beg or plead seems desperate.

I’ve been on Klonopin ( after trying every med available to mankind ( I’m 52 years old) abiding to the doctors recommendations on sticking to the meds even though the side effects were horrible) for about 5 years, never abused it cause I’m not an idiot - I’m just trying to survive in this world … and now just like this, I have to feel intense tension , irritability – I know I may have built up a slight addcition to 1 milligram of this med, naturally as it is a benzo. Is my minut addiction even harmful compared to all I’m accomplishing while on this med? If it works why change it!? I’m a bit peeved but mostly dismayed … I fear my dismay and tension will lead to darkness


I used to take benzos. But there’s always a risk that doctots can take you off it. I came off them voluntarily.

Are you on an antipsychotic ?

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I feel for you as benzos are so effective and work the best for me when I’m agitated. There’s no way my pdoc would allow them for everyday use, but I do get them for prn for when emergencies crop up, so that’s 7 tablets a month. Would that be an option for you?

My CPN wants me to stop using benzos altogether but I just ignore her as it’s up to my pdoc, not her.

It’s a real shame if you can’t get them any more. As everhopeful says, there’s always the risk that they can take you off them. We are kind of at the mercy of our pdocs!

I understand your frustration.
Did she say what she gonna give you instead for Klonopin?

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I get paradoxically agitated on most benzos so I can’t take them

I feel for you, my psd hates benzos. I can only get them if I’m in crisis. If I were you i’d switch docs.

Sounds like your gonna need to shop around for drs. Some will prescribe benzos and some will not.

Wholesale discounting addicts as idiots is a pretty shitty thing to do.

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It sounds like you are taking it for something like pervasive anxiety or restlessness?
If that is the case, then your new doctor is right. Current research shows clearly that there is absolutely no long-term treatment effect from benzodiazepines for these kinds of symptoms. But it does come with addiction and lots of other dangerous side effects and complications. When we are addicted to something, we also typically believe it is helping us more than it is harming us. I think you should listen to your new doctor and trust that she knows what she’s talking about. A lot of the doctors that prescribe benzodiazepines are ill-informed about how they do and don’t work.

Shopping around for doctors to get the prescriptions you want is generally not a good idea…

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Maybe? If you think he’s abusing them. I’m not exactly convinced of that. I know of drs. That would never really prescribe benzos at all. Drs. Personality can influence this.

It’s not their personality that influences it. It’s how up-to-date they are on their knowledge of these drugs. Whether he is abusing them or not, there is no net treatment effect for long-term or pervasive anxiety, or anxiety-related symptoms such as restlessness. And addiction can come without abuse - dependency can be a form of addiction. With regular use of benzodiazepines, you will always develop a dependency.

It’s best to listen to your doctor instead of shopping around for one who will do exactly as you want. If a doctor refuses to prescribe a med, and refuses to refer you to another doctor who will, they usually have a good reason for this. It’s not just an opinion, it’s based on actual evidence. A doctor that will prescribe the same med, on the other hand, could just as well be doing that because they lack the same knowledge. And on this particular issue, there really isn’t much scientific controversy.

Theres not much alternatives for anxiety from what i read (i read about meds)
Its so common so it should be.

Yes, anxiety is very difficult to treat medically. Generally, therapy works better for anxiety. SSRI’s are an option, as well as a few other non-addictive drugs. If you’re lucky, they could work well enough for you not to require any kind of therapy.

Ive understand CBT is common with anxiety.
But it takes effort from The person.
Ive also read zyprexa and abilify been given for anxiety.
But they are heavy meds.
Then theres OTC stuff.
Theres a lot more sleeping meds than anxiety meds.
Personally sleeping meds just make you tired so it can help If you have anxiety at night.

(This is just me writing what i think.)

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Abilify hasn’t done anything for my anxiety, but I take it for sz. I take sertraline for anxiety and have 7 emergency diazepam per month. I’m also having some mindfulness therapy at the moment. The sertraline and mindfulness bring my anxiety to a level where I can just about function.

Ive never had a anxiety disorder.
So im not sure how it is.

Buspar is a good alternative. :parrot::parrot::parrot:

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buspar and hydrooxicone

Well these med’s are known to help schizophrenics that don’t respond well to other meds. I guess I’ll just die or turn to illegal drugs but I cannot operate semi truck if these people won’t help me - I never came into to see a doc for a med change.

Really sorry to hear that. I know for me diazepam is the only drug that makes me feel ‘normal’ and I’m only allowed 7 tablets per month. Wish there was something I could suggest.