Med habits

Has anyone else here gotten so used to taking a certain med that they still remember it for months afterwards? I was on Geodon for quite a while and up until about this week I would sigh in disappointment and frustration every time I went out to eat because I thought I had forgotten to bring my Geodon and that meant I had to eat twice. Once because I was hungry and to be polite but also when I got home so that the med would work. I was rummaging around in my med bag and taking absolutely everything out because I felt like I was missing a med. It was only when I had everything out (this wouldn’t be a big deal except I have about three supplements, three meds, and assorted trash in my bag. One old med, paper med box, band aids.) That I would take my meds so that I was sure I was taking everything. Old habits huh?

I was on Clozaril for about 4 years. It took me a long time to get used to taking 1 Latuda per day, vs 8 Clozaril. I actually double dosed myself a few times accidentally in the first few weeks lol. It still feels weird sometimes, like I’m missing something.

But I sure am thankful for once per day dosing!



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I made a clean break. I was put on prolixen in 1982 and took it until about 2003. Then my doctor put me on resperidone. I adjusted pretty fast and didn’t dwell on the change.

I know what you mean about the Geodon but I have had the experience of it knocking me out while out with friends. So I eat half my dinner now take the rest home warm it up and eat it with my Geodon where I am close to my bed.

@77nick77 it wasn’t really dwelling as I am understanding what you are saying. I was on it for maybe two years? It had really become a habit. Especially because it was synced to my meals. I love to eat. Also I was at college for a lot of it so I always had to think about it at dinner time when I went to the cafeteria. I put them in an old iron supplement bottle and took them with dinner. Oddly enough if you take your pills in front of everyone no one really questions it. Every so often someone will ask (though not in front of everyone) and I just say heart problems. No specifics or descriptions because oddly no one asks. Pretty much everyone so far has just accepted those two words.