Med Free. Stopped Abilify

2 weeks off:

Nothing special to report. I dont have hallucinations. No delusions. Insight is excellent.


And just why are you going off your medications? Is this a wise idea @GentleSoul ?

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Me too @TheBest.

Going good… keep it up bro…!!! 20 to 30% can live without medication…!!! Dont loose hope .!!!

@SkinnyMe It was advised by one of my pdocs. She said it would be interesting to go off meds and see how i function. See if i really need them before deciding to have me take them for the rest of my life.

I think I have already found out that I need them for life probably.

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I’m stopping aripiprazole as well. I was in 15 mg three months ago and now I’m on 7,5 mg. Since I drecreased from 10 mg to 7,5 mg, I’m having some insomnia. I sleep around 6-7 hours per day, but sometimes 9 hours. I have also some mental confusion but not too much (I’m able to handle my routine). These symptoms are expected. That’s why I need to stop medicines gradually and not cold turkey.

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