Med free or not

Has anyone any experience of going med free and have you been episode free or have you relapsed?

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I quit my meds about 6 years ago. Just stopped taking them. I made it 5 days and was in the hospital. So I relapsed.

When I quit taking my meds I was taking 20 mg of Geodon once a day. Honestly I wasn’t very stable but still that was a low dose.

Now I take 80 mg of Geodon twice a day plus 40 mg of Latuda. That’s quite an increase.

I don’t recommend stopping unless you are constantly supervised and under the supervision of a physician.

Do you live alone or with family?

If my wife hadn’t of taken me to the ER when she did no telling what I would have done. I was just getting worse and worse.


I’ve gone med free for stretches. Always wind up with some sort of relapse. I’ve been fighting SZ for over 25 years now, med-compliant for most of them. Meds are the reason I have a family and a successful career.



Switched my AP to a different one 2 years ago and went berserk.
Became extremely delusional and paranoid and was eventually involuntarily committed for over a month. (twice)

Consult with your psychiatrist and get their feedback .

Do not attempt to come off of meds on your own.


Relapse every time. Cruel reminder of how hellish my life is off meds.

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I am taking 100mg of Amisulpride, the psychiatrist would like me to also take Aripiprazole as they want me to switch meds. I have a family who support me, it’s the possible long term side effects of Amisulpride that is a problem and I don’t know how much I’ll get on with Aripiprazole

I would never go med-free. My saphris dose was cut by over 50% due to TD, and I am having severe hallucinations as a result. It is difficult to function when I am alone. I feel like I am heading towards a break, and that is simply from a dose reduction. I am scared to think of what it would be like off the meds altogether. They are a necessary evil.

I had drug-induced psychosis when I was 17. They nearly diagnosed me with Sz back then, but my drugs counsellor convinced the hospital it was drug-induced.

I was on ap’s for about a year and then stopped taking them, and I started working as a landscaper and was happy.

Fast-forward 6 years and went into full-blown psychosis meltdown in the 2nd year of my degree. I may as well have been a ghost there. I did finish it somehow but my grades suffered.

It’s a shame as if they had dealt with it quicker it may have made things easier - I don’t know. I always hold onto this past experience of being med-free, but every time I have tried to stop treatment since I relapse, so I have given up with it all now and just take the pills.