Med dose reductions due to EMDR mass training

I’m now down to 2.5mg olanzapine plus 2.5 mg clopixol daily. Tiny doses of both. Been doing massive training with online EMDR for a couple of hours a day over the past 5 years, and have gone from high dose treatment resistant back then to virtually symptom free today. It’s been very time consuming but I seem to have my life back.

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What did the EMDR online training entail?

Can someone with a lazy eye (monocular vision) do EMDR?

I thought EMDR was for dealing with repressed trauma. I can understand how dealing with trauma can cause great healing, but you imply that such training alleviates sz symptoms? Can I ask how that works please?

It doesn’t :roll_eyes:

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I read a journal article a while back that characterised Sz as a learning disorder where the patient cannot unlearn the psychosis, due mainly to not being able to consolidate the learning (new memories) during sleep. The patient is basically caught in a type of Groundhog Day where any unlearning of the psychosis during the day is forgotten during sleep because of a fault in the hippocampus. EMDR is forced REM sleep memory processing while awake, and thus the patient (me) can successfully unlearn the psychosis.

I’ll try to find the research articles pertaining to the above explanation, but in the meantime here are some EMDR instructional videos.

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