Mechanism of paranoia, delusion, intrusive thoughts, voices, anxiety etc


I like to share the mechanism by which how these able to control some individuals.

Here is a test to see if you are prone to these.

Imagine current year is 2000. Keep repeating in mind as if its real. If you start to feel like 2000 then your prone to these. How quickly you believe determines the extend. If very quickly then delusion chance high. If less quickly with doubt then intrusive thought chance and so on.

This is why some individuals believe in their doubts, story, plots, ideas etc so deeply as they quickly believe in it. Dopamine has a part as it helps individuals to focus, thrive on their ideas and goals.

So if anyone want to prevent such negative aspects then think logically to see if its practical or not, compare with lives of other people etc and once it found false then manually not focus on such, instantly dismiss it even though the urge and feelings there.


I can’t trick my mind to believe it’s year 2000 just by repeating it to myself. I’m not easily hypnotisable, for better or worse.


Do you have delusions, intrusive thoughts, paranoia etc?


You Give A Good, Great, Amazing, One Could Say Delicious Example Of The Year 2000. . .


As Olde Man Confused Turtles In Short Films Say:::~ ‘What Does It All Mean’?.

Hope, True Love, Joy, And Peace!.

P.s. If You Try The Best You Can, The Best You Can Is Good Enough. . . . . . .

Who, me? Depends on how you classify delusions. I mostly believe certain improbable things really happened to me, but I acknowledge it could theoretically have been a delirium or weird dream or something.

So, I’m inclined to answer “no”.


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No one will kill me. I try to be as nice person as I can and want to be, and do not wish to kill or injure anyone.

Unless you can think of reasons why someone would kill me?

Well this is what I hope :star_struck: and like to believe or visualise.

Idk if believing is the same as knowing subconsciously.