Mechanism behind reductions in depression symptoms from LSD and mushrooms found

Gosh, this sounds promising for treating depression.

Like it’s a big thing these days to bring up the psychedelics as some sort of panacea and it’s pushed by certain people for sure. I’m not convinced and it was all done back in the 60’s- most of it anyways. The use of hallucinogenics for psychotic patients is more likely really dangerous imo. They aren’t a good time for some.


No thanks, I’ll pass

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It can trigger episode in people who are at risk.

This is all fine and dandy for people who dont suffer from chronic psychosis related illness.

“They also found that the antidepressant effects from the binding were independent of the effects of chemicals in the drugs that altered serotonin, which are responsible for inducing psychedelic experiences and hallucinations. And that means that the team may have found a way to treat patients without inducing such experiences.”

This doesn’t necessarily mean that it wouldn’t still be dangerous for people with psychotic illnesses but that’s sort of what it’s suggesting.