Measuring dopamine in the brain

Now, these folks just need to have a chat with the folks at UOW that are working on the brain implant, and the DARPA funded folks that are working on insertion techniques through a vein, instead of through the skull… and maybe in 10-20 years we’ll have something.

Actually when it comes to just measuring dopamine I think it will take less time than that. Not close to human use but still good news leading to greater understanding.


Some more on dopamine

Dopamine neurons have an important role in cognitive control, learning and motor control. GDNF is best known for its ability to protect dopaminergic neurons from damage, which is why it is currently in clinical trials for treatment of Parkinson’s patients.

Scares me how important dopamine is. Because my medication is supposedly blocking dopamine right?

@twinklestars will this be helpful for SZ…

As far as I know, the newer drugs still block dopamine but not as much as the older ones. It is important, of course, but if positive symptoms are caused by the disregulation of dopamine, and the GDNF produced in the brain regulates dopamine reuptake, this might lead to greater understanding of how the brain’s dopaminergic system becomes unbalanced.

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Possibly, because it may lead to greater understanding of the way the brain regulates dopamine. The study authors do not mention schizophrenia specifically, and it is not as simple as only dopamine dysfunction, but since that’s what the big APs all work on, it might lead to another way to regulate dopamine transporter function.

Your meds are selectivity reducing the absorption of dopamine in selective areas that have statistically shown to reduce the sufferance in the face of and presence of psychosis.

It does not block all dopamine based activity and it effects every differently. When it is mentioned though, the learning, cognitive control, motor control… you can start to see why so many dopamine antagonists lead to the amplification of negative symptoms like lethargy and depression.

I don’t know much beyond that. Dopamine is the reward molecule… I believe in large scale system it provides energy and is more abundant regarding where you can get it. Serotonin is more the molecule of cognition, memory, and stability… Oxytocin probably places more of a role in comfort than is lead to be believed… but underneath all that is a cruel vicious brute of something more reptilian that is deprived of the constraint but also enhancement of the more mammalian inducing chemistry you find and feel when well fed, rested, and allowed to enjoy free time.

I’m just kind of spouting ■■■■… but based on my own watching of my internal self with an awareness of some of these chemicals and their sources and where I’m at…

Dopamine is essential, but regarding a whole lotta processes… it is just the Pavlovian motivator and the reward of a brief feel good vibe.

Neuroscience kind of blows… It’s cool in theory. It has helped me… Mind does not dominate matter.

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I think that dopamine is overrated, not enough focus on the immune system in schizophrenia,
I feel I have a weak immune system as well, much weaker than my parents, I need genetic engineering,
in any case it is good that research is being conducted.
Also I need genetic engineering to be smart and healthy without need to excercise.

I have a sensor on my eyelash that tells me how low my dopamine is in the blink of an eye