Meaninglessness is hard to bear. I want out of the simulation

Slightly off-topic and slightly on-topic…

My new network repeater arrived from Amazon and was up and running in two minutes. No more WiFi dead spots in my home.

The simulation is now running better with less latency and packet loss!


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yep the wifi range extenders help a lot!

Yeah. Won’t have Mrs. Squirrel shouting at me as much to “fix this damn thing” when she’s trying to watch Golden Girls (gaaaaak) and it buffers and then sticks at 99% on her. I keep telling her it’s her program choices, ST-DS9 doesn’t buffer like that.

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Yes, I earn money from it but to be honest, I am a lowly English conversation teacher, first and foremost. I got my job as a “university professor” because I can speak English, teach English, speak Japanese, and also due to my few papers on the cultural aspect to self-simulation.

As well as money, I also think perhaps that if I started to deny the underlying nastiness that I feel hides my simulation, then I might start to hear voices. Quite a few voices reported here seem to make claims like that.

I am a Gemini and covet a WiFi extender.

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