Meaningless Song Lyrics

So I was in a psychotic state for a long time. I remember at one point being really driven mad by how meaningless song lyrics were and upon searching about why music is so meaningless I found the below video showing John Lennon talking to a homeless youth who was probably sz, about meaningless lyrics.

That song lyrics were meaningless and I was having interpretive problems due to psychosis, such as finding meanings in them, I was confident that the purpose of this form of mass media was to create madness. After watching the video with John Lennon and the homeless kid the phrase “carry that weight” from the song by the same name stuck with me, as carrying a weight of antipsychotic medication at least partly necessitated by living in the absurd, meaningless nonsense of popular music. Of course I had some theoretical way of looking at this like it was meant to persecute people who look for meaning in the world which higher-ups are trying stop because understanding meaning in the world is against their interests etc.

Anyway aside from these ramblings, the video below is pretty interesting as the homeless kid is a bit paranoid, and Lennon admits to just writing nonsense.

The Beatles Moments - Dialogue With A Homeless Guy - YouTube


I’ve never been a fan of lyrics because of this. Even the little bit of good stuff I find loses its meaning after so long.

Now even instrumental drives me crazy. I hate all of it since psychosis, and it’s getting worse.


I you tubed sz songs I can relate to those.

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Music really messed me up. Sometimes I wonder about these things that people get delusional about, whether it is advanced technologies that can spy on us, or something like music which directly influences how you think and feel by the messages it gives with words or just notes and melodies. The words can be really confounding if you are trying to find meaning in them when they mean absolutely nothing, but the notes and melodies spur all sorts of feelings and related thoughts. When I was a kid I used to listen to a classical music version of Peter and the Wolf, and since then music even without lyrics has been more narrative than it should be.


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