Meaningful interactions

I have been noticing that I have a serious lack of meaningful interactions with other human beings during my daily routine, and I think my brain is really starving to death literally for those more meaningful interactions , because I will think over any interactions I have during the day, which are very few, over and over again as if my brain is in great need of them, so it is like the need to exercise even so that my muscles don’t atrophy as well as what my brain seems to be doing.

Just wanted to share this with you guys, so I will be raising these here (SZ forum) training wheels a bit ( so to speak) off the ground for a time and just view this forum every now and then to see if I can contribute in any way what I think will help any of you guys as well as it has helped me to see what it is I really need more of.

Thanks to all of you for being here for each of us other real suffering people too.
Seriously. tob12b


There was a time I hated small talk and chit chat… I didn’t get the point and it annoyed me…

But then I came to realize that most people wade gently into a conversation …

Not what I used to do… which was jump into the deep end.

So the small talk leads to deeper conversations sometimes…

congratulations on being able to raise the training wheels… you’ll do great.