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Im stuck, moved in with my girlfriend a while back, and it was fine for a while but she got progressively more abusive, yelling at me all the time, calling me names and firing off insults, which kept setting off my illness, so she breaks up with me yesterday, and this morning she yelled at me for crying, then got physically violent getting in my face and pushing me back against a wall and into the corner, which she knows is a huge trigger and usually makes me get violent, with no direction to run i ran forward knocking her over… i cant live here but i have nowhere else to go, and its too damn cold to be homeless again this time of year. So in short i suppose im screwed

You’ve been homeless before?

take advantage of the living situation until you can get yourself sorted, avoid her if she gets confrontational and just walk away… throw yourself into reading and other activities to pass the time so you don’t need to speak to her! Vile piece of work from the sounds of it

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I’m sorry that you are dealing with an abusive partner.
My ex wife was abusive and towards the end of our marriage became physically violent with me.
She even threatened me once with a Butchers knife.
My advice to you is to walk away with your life.

I swear I think that she once drugged me.
No I wasn’t delusional.

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Maybe my view of homelessness is skewed but the ones I know are medicated, live in shelters that come with dinner and a shower, and many get housing vouchers, disability, and very cheap housing like group homes after a year of waiting. Being homeless gives you a lot of priority for such services, if you’re willing. You can’t stay with this lady, she is not good for you.


Hey, domestic abuse is committed by both sexes and the police will arrest a woman just as well as a man.

You are not necessarily screwed, there might be options for you. A board & care home for instance. Renting a room in someones house is not bad. You can get online and see what kind of mental health living situations you have in your area. You may get surprised at what’s out there. I’m lucky because here in the South Bay Area in California we have so many different types of mental health housing for all levels of functioning and at varying prices.

I’ll admit, sometimes you have to get on a waiting list to get what you want but it’s no big deal. You sign up and then find housing now and forget about the list and when next year rolls around you may have a great housing situation. But check Craigslist if you want to move.


Is there a domestic abuse hotline in your area that you can call for advice/support?

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Thank you all for the advice and responses, yes ive been homeless before, there probably are some options shelterwise but i doubt i could bring my rabbit, and i am already on the waiting list for housing, got at least anothet 4 years to wait before a spot opens up. Me and one of the roomates have been talking, hes been a great friend and doing what he can to help me calm down and deal with the situation, we been talking about just moving down to cali to get mr far away from her


This is a song by rehab, a group of schizophrenic drug addicts, their music has helped me through some hard times. Ive been so far away so long i cant remember exactly what was on my mind and i cant say ive learned some things and wont pretend to cause now all i got left is time. Where was i this aint the place did i forget and then notice my face aint the same from all the rain felt blame for the times i inflicted pain when will or will it never change forever lost time will never change when i look back in black and start to fall i think about all the times i cant recall almost like dreams i never saw at all a chance to pass that wouldve saved the ball but it got dropped rolled to a stop looked around they closin down shop frozen in time in my mind about to guide me out i gotta lead the blind i gotta show me all i need to see before i cant even remember me like a memory. What was that i cant focus on what it was that really broke us away from the tie i hid the lie so long now we lookin with defelctive eyes cant see the light and what it signifies if its where we at then where is that and could you bring that back with another map to show me where i shoulda stood and where i shoulda sat when should i let go when should i hold back truth when it hurt or just give the fact like it was given to me and let me know i could avoid it so easily or keep teasin me and tell me about all these things in life i never figured out ill go through and learn on my own hope i have that chance before its gone. Could i stay on coarse and ride it out to the destination where we hidin out till my mind come back ill remain in the dark where things look all the same

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