Meals I miss

My wife’s meat pie
My wife’s Cornish pasties (not overly peppery like the supermarket ones)
My wife’s lamb stew
My wife’s fried lamb’s liver
My wife’s boiled bacon with pease pudding
My mum’s and wife’s spaghetti bologneses
My mum’s fish casserole
My mum’s shepherd’s pie
My mum’s sukiyaki
My mum’s kebabs
My mum’s honey glazed gammon

There are probably more, but those are the one’s that easily spring to mind


I love pasties.

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Good to be thankful as you no doubt are…

But can you bring these back yourself?

I have no experience in this, but maybe if you try… it might be touching to you in a good way(not bad).

Right now you may be stuck thinking these have to be perfect, but maybe the exercise of it will bring joy? Or good tears?

I have limited grief experience. I just know it’s tiring which isn’t intuitive or wasn’t for me.


I love shepherds pie!

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I miss all my Moms cooking
She cooked all kinds of different dishes from international cuisines to Americana

She was the best cook around.

My father has picked up some of her cooking techniques


grandma’s chicken fried steak dinner with mashed potatoes and cream gravy over the whole thing…yum.
grandma’s lemon cake
mom’s salisbury steak and rice
jambalaya (make it once in a great while),

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I’ve tried making lamb stew in a large saucepan as my wife used to, and in a slo cooker. It was OK, but nowhere near as good as my wife’s. I can make a reasonable spag bol using tomato paste rather than a jar of spaghetti sauce, but haven’t done so for ages. My oldest daughter made fish casserole for me with my mum’s recipe. It was nowhere near as good.

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