Meal planner

hi, i recently found a really good meal planner online on a shopping website,

you put all the things you like into it and it works out the best meals for you and you can specify if you want it to be vegan, gluten free, dairy free etc,

it really is a great tool i have been meaning to use it and also for my dad because he just ate something my mum made and he was sick for 4 days and has special dietary needs.

i use a card in my food store and it knows everything i buy so its pretty good at looking back on what i have bought out of there lol

maybe they have something online for your store, i think its more likely if its a bigger store,

anyway i hoe this help, take care x


I’m trying to figure out what to make for a meal. My sis is really good at just throwing stuff together. I have to plan it all out. I’m getting better, but for last minute stuff, I never seem to have the imagination.

If it’s not written out, I have no clue what to make and then I forget how to cook it.

Noodles are easy. But that can’t be all we live on.

I had an app a while back that you enter everything available in your kitchen and pantry ie. cherrios, chicken, flour, peanut butter, eggs, milk, hot sauce, wheat bread, bananas, and so on. Then you touch the make me something button, and it puts recipes together giving you a lot of options using some, a few, many or all the ingredients together and gave you step by step instructions.
It was really interesting and quite a few good dinners came from it.
Wish I could remember the name :worried::banana::corn::bread::strawberry::chocolate_bar::doughnut::apple::poultry_leg::fried_shrimp: