Me plus meds


Basically. Either high-functioning but confused, or low-functioning… and confused.

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Shitty deal @â– â– â– â–  God

I do better on meds,but when there is a minor setbacks I loses faith.I don’t like that I lose faith in myself,in my believe so easily,it makes me looks unstable.I need to trust myself more and have more believe

Eye on the prize man. In ten years you’ll have your life set up .15g in the bank and you’ll be overlooking some night time strip contemplating which games to play and which dancers to pay.

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I’ve been feeling like this one lithium (or so I think). And anti depressant drugs are horrible for me!

But the schizophrenia meds and anxiety meds all work well with me. I usually don’t have any problems with them.

I hope all you feel is exhaustion, it sucks, but could be worse.

I do better on the REAL meds but they aren’t available right now so im taking cheap meds and they are eating my stomach up.