Me or Serena?

They said I had no shot.

When I spoke to my boys.

A simple query.

Not a boast.

Not to jest not to gag.

Who would win I asked.

Who would win in a fight between me… and Serena Williams.

I’m gonna use the version of myself from when we had the conversation. She’d tool me up right now :100:


Height - 5,8

Weight - 198 lbs

Reach - 71 inches

Bench - 225 lbs

Squat - 315 lbs

Deadlift - 405 lbs

Athleticism - fair to good

Cardio - poor


Height - 5,9

Weight - 160 lbs

Reach - unknown

Bench - unknown

Squat - unknown

Deadlift - unknown

Athleticism - excellent

Cardio - excellent

Who you got

  • The weirdo posting this
  • Serena Williams
  • Draw

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She’s a beast.



Why are you even talking about fighting someone? That’s weird.

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There’s a reason my friends said I had no shot lmao

Was going for funny. If no one’s gets it or finds it funny I’ll take it down

I voted for you, I believe you can do it.





Are you a dude?

My money’s on Serena. She faced a lot of violence in Compton.

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