Me leaving the farm

Hi all,

I’d like to post all things relating to me leaving the farm here and other changes I’m thinking of making. I’d like to talk to all of you and get your opinions in one place so I can look back at them.

I’m thinking of leaving the farm (edit I have since told my mother I am leaving it) as my brother said he will contest my mothers will which states I will inherit the farm, my brother as evidence of me undue influencing my mother. After I went to a solicitor he told me I could loose half the land. I wanted all the land and the thought of loosing it and possibly killing my brother because of it has made me want to leave it.

So any of your guys opinions on my journey would be greatly appreciated

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@goldenrex @ZombieMombie @Moonbeam
I told my mother i wanted to leave it and she agreed because of my health it was ok, however I think she thinks I want to move away from home as well and abandon caring for my sister (which I am employed to do)

I don’t want to do that yet

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@SethTheNew i curious what you think

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Thanks for the mention, but im slightly suprised as i have ZERO knowledge of farms or farmlife. @Loke would give you a far better opinion. :slight_smile:

  1. Tell your psychiatrist that you have homicidal thoughts.
  2. Take half the farm and be very grateful for it.

Just my opinion. :man_shrugging:


I’d being on the farm is ruining your health then leave. Can you live off the amount you get from caring for your sister?


Yeah I can, I get enough every week to do me


Then leave


They’ll go when he can’t take anything from me

I won’t work for half the land not worth it, I’d be working at my detriment. I will still get half without even working on it

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I think you should leave and tell your pdoc about your homicidal thoughts. But if you think you can’t handle leaving then settle for half the land


I not only think you should leave your farm for the sake of your family,

I think you should march straight to a hospital.

You are very unstable and need help.


I wouldn’t give up your inheritance. It might be better for your mental health to leave where your brother is, but that doesn’t mean you should give up your inheritance.

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So what should I do? I want to leave him and my other brother but doing so would possibly cut me out of the inheritance?

I agree with @goldenrex. You should go straight to a hospital. You aren’t stable and keep saying inappropriate and violent things.


How’s the weight loss going @goldenrex? I gained all the weight I lost before christmas back again

I’ve lost six pounds.

Are you going to go to the hospital or what?


For what? 155151

Also congrats that’s a lot of weight

For your homicidal thoughts and general unstable condition.

If I were half as unstable as you right now, my husband would have already made me go.

I truly believe that you are a danger and should be hospitalized.

Thank you, I feel very good about the weight loss.


You should discuss that with your mother. Maybe you need an attorney to ensure her wishes are carried out. It doesn’t sound like she wants to disinherit you for leaving.

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I’m drugged up to the nines rexy, I am no danger to anyone. My brother or sister in law don’t live with me