Me in the night

It’s not just me out there talking to myself all night, really it’s not.

So the other night i was out there and i looked over at a tree.

It was illuminated, ha, by the street lamps.

The light, shadow, and tree formed yet another face. I knew once again this place was created.

But this face, you should see this face. This is one of those “i love ■■■■■■ up ■■■■!” kinds of faces.

So i thought “ohhhh, yeah that makes way more sense in our situation.” They were the only ones that would make such a thing those types of guys.

These guys, these evil guys, total psychopaths to, wrote the most popular holy books to. They place in people’s minds a powerful and loving being as the maker and with the authority over this place, this couldn’t be farther from the truth.

If you had the highest authority over your city. It would aid you greatly in manipulating things to make people think someone else had the power. You could set yourself up as the weaker one although it wasn’t true, this would give you certain abilities.

Wow this sucks. Gonna make life tough knowing who put this here and who is really in charge.

My new attitude lately is this resistance,

in other words, without seeing your negative thoughts, you can’t start to have positive ones,

you, in pain, or suffering, that’s bad, and then the goodness of some one or some being helps. Goodness shouldn’t go with goodness,

it should be tested and used for betterment.

I also believe that if you want to write beautiful poetry, you’ve got to be in a somewhat filthy restroom, or out in a back alley,

that resistance will force you to have to come up with your own beauty.