Me and my friend took a weekend break :)

its good to get away for a bit sometimes especially after a bit of a down turn i think,

i was sitting by the harbour with my friend supping a nice fosters and whisky and coke and it was amazing :slight_smile:

the drive there was amazing too, great weather but stunning scenery and very dangerous, need to watch those roads, i drove for at least 3 hours, phew thats the furthest and longest we i have driven in my life lol and it was easier now that i have been wearing my glasses xxx


Weekend breaks are nice if you have a good friend to share it with. :slight_smile:


Sounds great, I’m envious! :smiley:

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just in from a night out, not much entertainment but i had a little drink and we talked about some stuff and looked out at the boats in the harbour :slight_smile:


It sounds like a nice weekend… glad you had a good time

omg i am so knackered, me and my friend went out today and took a boat to a nearby island and then a bus to the little harbour to see the town and then back :sweat: i am completely jiggered

it was a six hour jaunt, phew, didnt think i’d make it there on the boat on the way back i had a pain in my chest and it was very worrying, luckily i sat down and had a drink, i am so limited because of this thing and i think it is a side effect of this med i take :frowning:

but the good thing about today was that it was an adventure and the scenery was breath taking and i loved all the little shops and the boats in the harbour, take care

Hopefully going on another weekend away soon and maybe do some fishing if possible.