Me and my 8 year old nephew are gonna build a PC

He is the brightest kid I have ever met. When he dropped off something at my house I said ‘I have a very important job I need your help with. We need to build a PC’

He was over the moon. He wanted to do it straight away but in the end we settled on a week on Sunday.

When you are a little kid with an interest in tech building a PC is like alchemy - there is a magic to it.

Is only an old beat up pc which I am rebuilding but it shows him the principles.

I originally got my older nephew into pC building a decade ago. He got caught with the computing bug now he is studying maths and computing at a top university.

It makes me proud to have steered my nephew’s pastimes into a lifelong passion


Bravo :clap::clap::clap: good job


Yeah. You don’t know what you’re interested in if you’re not exposed to it.


Very cool matey. Such fun building computers and good you can share it with you nephew. May your build boot first time and you avoid the blue screen…:slight_smile:


Ah the first post screen apprehension! Know it well


That’s amazing! We built a PC with Starlet for Christmas.


Is a really bonding experience isn’t it? Funny how cold, hard tech can stir up so many emotions

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