McD’s got my order wrong question

I am right before prediabetes. They included sugar in my coffee. How bad is this?

Not good. Sugar is a No No if you are diabetic. You should eat only Low to Moderate Glycemic Index carbohydrates.

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Damn I’m sorry!

Do you have a nurse you can call?

Paging @Ooorgle

I wouldn’t drink it. Dump it and take the loss. It’s better for your health than to drink it, if it’s going to hurt your blood sugar.

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Q. Can I order a hamburger?
Q. Do you want cheese on that?
A. No, that would be a cheeseburger!

A conversation I once had at BK.


Has McD’s ever gotten an order right?

Not for me.

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@velociraptor only if I use the kiosk or app.

The sugar in coffee is bad for you if you’re almost predictable I wouldn’t drink it

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You could complain to the manager about it, and that employee probably would ger a stern lecture because of it. The best thing to do is to politely tell them you can’t have sugar, and ask for a cup with no sugar in it.

Good advice @crimby
Unfortunately I had to get to a therapy appointment. I guess I should have opted to be late to that…

I worked drive-through at a fast food place for a time. I asked people if it was for here or to go…

I asked for 2 cream 2 sugar yesterday and they gave me a black coffee :coffee:

Fact check: Accurate.