Mayweather vs mcgregor

i just watched the weigh ins for mayweather va mcgregor, i know mcgregor is gonna win he is a better fighter it is going to be amazing he will be the first person to beat mayweather. anybody into ufc or boxing amd excited about this fight

Apoarently mayweather has won his last 49 fights or something and he’s the bookies favourite.

Simple logic mayweather is going to win.

McGregor however will be laughing to the bank with his money, and will still be found in favor of his fans.


Yeah he tied the record for longest undefeated streak

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I don’t know. Mayweathe is an AMAZING fighter but he is pushing 40. At that age your athleticism falls trendously.

McGregor is in his prime but he is going against the literal best of this generation and he is not a boxer.

The longest undefeated streak belongs to Julio Cesar Chavez who went 88-0. Mayweather however is tied with Rocky Marciano at 49-0 and if he retires he’ll be the undefeated champion with most wins.

Personally I think it’s a fight meant to generate as much money as possible. Mayweather and McGregor will both go laughing to the bank as Chrisjjack suggests. That being said Mayweather should win a boring fight in which McGregor will do a lot of holding and hitting. Still, I’ll be watching it because I was invited to. I hope it’s at least exciting but I have a feeling it will be one sided and people are just falling for the hype.

Isn’t McGregor younger?
He’ll probably win even though Mayweather is the better boxer.
I agree with @anon1571434.

Oh and there’s also the forgotten Ricardo Finito Lopez who ended his career at 55-0-1.

I never made a prediction. Mayweather is clearly a superior boxer who would cleanly win if he were closer to Connor’s age.

Thought you made a prediction.
Here’s mine.
McGregor is going to win because of his younger age.


He is younger and that’s mainly why he has a chance. Mayweather is one of the most defensive fighters of our time. I don’t think McGregor will be able to properly catch him even at this age. In MMA of course McGregor would win but in boxing there has never been a 0-0 fighter who beat a champ. Recently there was Vasyl Lomachenko who went 250-1 as an amateur boxer. He tried to fight for a title on his second match and lost. Since then he’s become a champion. But my point is even he who had experience in the sport of boxing was unable to beat a champion early in his career. I doubt McGregor will either.

Pacqiou lost his championship to a nobody australian on his home turf not long ago. It was in australia and they pretty much stole the championship from Manny. Manny was a much superior fighter. So if anything like that happens with Floyd and McGregor I won’t be surprised.

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Yeah but Mayweather is in his home turf at Las Vegas. I think unless he’s lost his step with age, McGregor stands little chance. On a plus note for McGregor the gloves will be 8 oz. That may help in McGregor’s favor. I’d like to see someone shut Mayweather up with his “I’m the best ever talk.” I just don’t think McGregor will be the one to do it. Mayweather will likely potshot him and run as he always does. He always says he’s going to KO his opponents but come fight night, Mayweather will be on his bicycle and frustrate McGregor as he has with so many others.


Yeah I suppose if he gets more good shots in you can still win despite his age. The only thing that goes at his age is power. Footwork, speed, and conditioning can still be improved on.

I’d say reflexes start going at around mid thirties.

My prediction is that somewhere in the middle rounds McGregor will get stung, forget the rules, kicks, elbows or tries for a take down on Mayweather.

McGregor is disqualified, and loses his purse (as per the contract).

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Lol I dunno what’s he getting paid? 150 million?

More money than I ever have in my whole life thus far. Getting bashed in the head a lot does make you impulsive though. @kindness may be on to something

I’d gladly get my ass kicked for half of that amount.

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