Maybe won't get on Aristada

My mom is saying she wants me to stay on invega sustenna. I realize that it’s my decision. But she’s threatening not to give me money and basically saying she’s gonna cut me off. Honestly I would love for her to do that. She’s a manipulator. Anyone else have parents that are very unreasonable? I don’t know what I’m gonna do, invega sustenna is a bad med for me. I wanna be on Aristada. I’m paranoid that she could convince my doctor to keep me on Invega Sustenna I hope not. Thinking about moving in with dad for a little bit. But he moves so slow. I’m ready to come up there now not later.

She goes with you to your Dr? Its up to your Dr to decide which meds.


They usually come over to give me my meds but they talk to her a lot I’ve told them not to. And I know it’s up to the doctor but I dont want them taking her side cos she’s always wrong.

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My Mom said to me she would kick me out of the house if I didn’t take my meds but she didn’t but then I ended up in the psych ward afterwards anyway

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