Maybe wisdom comes from sz after all?

Gosh, I am talking to my aunt, who has had a pretty damn good life… not much struggle whatsoever, but the thing about her is I am so much more wise than she is even though she’s 49 years older than me. I can’t even explain to comprehend the difference and wisdom we have. But yeah, she is a Normie and she is not on the same plane as me spiritually or in terms of wisdom and it’s not even close it’s very evident. I’m not bragging, just making observations. I think we all are fairly smart, fairly wise , us schizophrenics. It is really evident to me

She thinks she knows everything. She has decent knowledge of everyday life. But I know the truth. I know I/we don’t know crap. That’s the main difference


Show the arrogant what humble looks like… meet the sounds of ignorance with the silence of wisdom… such is the path of virtue…and all that…