Maybe We Should Stop Caring That the Voices Exist

They are an errant thought process in our heads and what they say doesn’t matter.


It has worked for me for 15 years and counting.

They don’t matter, but as they are what you expect to hear you can study how you really feel about a situation and why you think the way you do.

For example, analyse yourself as to why you believe in the supernatural, or where your faith has been indoctrinated in to you, or why aliens have such importance to you etc.

Then once you have identified why and what you believe in the voices will change to something else you expect to hear. Gradually, you can unprogram yourself.

The voices can beome friendlier if you start to like and love yourself, and you form a great relationship with yourself.

If you continue to hold steadfast in your beliefs there will be little advancement in helping yourself.

If you keep going on with the voices you’re probably not going to have any time to get things done. I agree with you they are offensive. The more I fight with them the less I get things done. I’m in control of my body so I let my mind follow.

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