Maybe we should have a post that we can take out all our frustrations on

like a post where we can ■■■■■ and argue just bc the world can be shitty sometimes and its not all flowers and rainbows all the time, lets have a proper low down dirty fight, lets unload all of our ugliness on to the forum, let us troll and be trolled on this post as a means of escape and a way to vent our anger and frustration.

lets open up our world to the possibility of The Dark Side

lets open pandoras box and watch as the chaos ensues :slight_smile:

what do you think?


This kind of thing ? Anyway just getting in before the thread gets locked. :grinning:

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i knew that would be the first thing someone would say haha

i literally could see that into the future like a psychic lol, next i’ll be predicting lottery numbers and ■■■■ lol

the world aint perfect, it aint a bed of roses, we cant pretend to be perfect when we are not, we are humans and humans are essentially wrongdoers who although some try to be nice it doesnt always come across that way, people can be cruel

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If everyone is crappy, then that is just the norm and being crappy is no longer special.


I really really hate that there’s a huge social justice movement for almost every marginalized group I can think of except the mentally ill. Sometimes it even seems like social justice people are malicious to the mentally ill, it’s frustrating

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i hear you, people are all trying to pretend to be goodie two shoes but thats just a facade, underneath they are just as fallible as the rest of us. we the mentally ill have a voice and sometimes its not what people want to hear

@Andrew i hear you but its not like one or the other, the two things go hand in hand, its written into our dna we are not perfect, there is no such thing as perfection.

anyway, i’m in a bad mood because my legs are sore, what about you guys?

Did you ever get those tickets paid?

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i’m paying them up :frowning:

So you couldn’t get out of it for being mentally ill?

Who knew.

Lmao wtf? You tried arguing a traffic ticket by claiming mental illness lol?

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yes :joy::joy:

i was at a disadvantage and they didnt give a damn,

Not saying that’s wrong or anything. Sometimes I definitely zone out while driving, or some of my meds make me nervous to drive, maybe I shouldn’t be driving who knows. It seems kinda smart to bring up MI imo though lol

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My biggest compliant about this society is why, can’t cats have civil rights too#catlivesmatter


“My … bwain … huuhts!” (Monty Python quote)

But “I feel happyyyy! I’m not dead yet. clonk” (another Python quote)

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Lmao damn! I’d been pulled over once and my car reeked of weed. When the cop walked up I started violently shaking out of nervousness I guess. I told him I had schizoaffective disorder and he just let me go. I think some officers might be more sympathetic and some might take laws more seriously, it depends maybe

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They were parking tickets,

Multiple parking tickets.

it was a parking offense and i tried to explain i was very anxious and just needed to get out of the car

I was very unlucky

Lmaooo idk why but I find this hilarious

Yea it happens to me too sometimes I forget to pay the meter or a few times I’d been towed bc I was too absent minded to see the sign. It kinda sucks but sometimes I think they have to enforce it

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