Maybe we’re just “out of sync” with others

I recently read an interesting article ( by Thalia Wheatley, a social psychologist from Dartmouth college, talking about a theory of what actually causes people to feel a “connection” with one another. Here’s a quote:

“People seek meaning in life through the company of others. Yet, as anyone who has ever felt lonely in a crowd can attest, company alone is not enough. What people really seek is connection, the pleasurable mutual engagement between oneself and another mind… Connecting deeply with another mind is as enigmatic as it is fulfilling. Why people ‘‘click’’ with some people but not others is one of the great unsolved mysteries of science. However, researchers from psychology and neuroscience are converging on a likely physiological basis for connection – neural synchrony”

The article then goes on to say that “neural synchrony” relies on being able to predict other minds:

“First, we review evidence that the perceptual systems in the human brain are tuned to seek other minds and predict their behavior. Second, we suggest that the ability to dynamically predict behavior affords synchrony.”

Well one of the symptoms of schizophrenia is “impaired mentalization”. (This video talks about social cognitive deficits, including impaired mentalization, in schizophrenia if you’re interested: The Human Social Brain: How It Goes Awry in Schizophrenia ( And mentalization helps us to predict other people’s behavior.

I used to think that I was just “awkward” or “weird”, but I prefer this explanation much better.

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Our minds are connected to an extra channel so that’s messing our ‘being in a sync’ up.
I think that I used to have a great sync with the others before I got a Sz. We have one extra channel, that is not suppose to be there.

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