Maybe some of us were ahead of our time?

And societal structure hasnt shifted in time for some of us. Thoughts? Delusion?

Ive been thinking about my paternal granpa lately. Feel like a better man because of it. More with the times. Perhaps this thread is just a delusion and i was really disregarding my paternal granpa all along. Also not calculating my consumption and monitoring my energy expension might have been causal factors

maybe lock out of my past. never seam to get a head of time tho.

Yeah, but being ahead of our time is just as bad as being behind the time, seems I never could blend in with society.

Works for me. Living in the past, predicting a future on that basis, & missing the present altogether 'cause my head is making so much racket. 'S why I had to learn to meditate Vipassana-style: it takes me out of the past and the future, which seems to be where the bloddy Voices come from.

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I Found using memories for future reference is helpful

When I see all the wires strung all around the place to make this place operate the way it does, I think man, this really looks old and antiquated and that makes me feel ahead of my time, but since others have noticed this same cluster ■■■■ of wires all over and even in our homes it makes me think that we are not ahead of our times, but that it’s time itself that is a bit behind where it really ought to be in our age. I mean really , when we hear of all the downed power lines after a storm every year after year after year, I wonder, why the hell don’t they trim the trees away before they fall onto the wires or invent something better able to handle the storms

Or behind the times.

Im a late bloomer myself and I honestly believe that it saved my soul.

there has to be a happy medium for EVERYTHING in life or …well… you will see what we are seeing now with people out of control.

I don’t know if there are people who were ahead of our time, but surely there are people who change the times.

I was ahead of my time, always alone in my convictions. - and as csummers sad. But I’ve mwt some wonderful people this way.