Maybe Sarcosine making no awareness of sleep

I’m not remembering sleeping at points since taking sarcosine… like I layed down close my eyes opened them what seemed like a moment but it was maybe an hour

how long have you been taking it?

Your mind might just be adjusting…

This does happen to me otherwise though… might just be a coincidence

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That happens to you too? It started soon after starting it about a couple months ago

does sound like it correlates…

I haven’t ever taken sarcosine… but there are different states which lead me more to just blank out like that versus the feeling of getting restful sleep.

sometimes it seems cool. Depending on whether I wanted to sleep or rather I just had to sleep for a moment to keep going… like accidentally pulling an all-nighter before work.

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Talk to your pdoc about it huck, no sleep can bring back symptoms, it’s no good!

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I’m sleeping… I’m just getting strangely unawares sleep

Yeah, you should talk to him, he knows better than us.

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Ok I will. Ty. 1515

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I started taking sarcosine almost a week ago. Haven’t had this kind of problem yet, but I also haven’t had a chance to get the full impact of it either.

Personally, if sarcosine was ever made illegal, I would risk going to prison to keep taking it. That would also be the dumbest legislation in history with how much my life has improved already.

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I feel great from it too… this sleep thing isn’t a big deal. Just strange

I’m totally serious when I say my life before taking it, wasn’t even existing as a human being. Now that for the first time I can actually be more like a human, since I had schizophrenia since I was a toddler, I will kill someone if I have to, to keep getting this thing.

Ok. Be careful what you say dude.

The “I will kill” thing is figurative. I meant the “I’m totally serious” part for everything but the last sentence.

I’m glad you’re getting good results… I can relate. I also take sarcosine and feel it blocks the flood of madness

I was so far from being a human being at all before I took it, one could’ve probably argued the concept of “human rights” didn’t even apply to me. I have schizophrenia to thank for robbing me of my humanity before I could ever get it, until now.

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I understand the feeling

The sleep occurrence may be from the l theanine

I’ve been taking sarcosine for about 6 months now and nothing has happened to me except it’s miraculously cured me of my negative symptoms, no side effects at all.

Maybe it’s the theanine

L-Theanine has a mild sedative effect so that might explain things.

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