Maybe it will be peaches? maybe it will be michigan?

well dad and i may go check out a condo this week or next in michigan for me. but i have the feeling that most likely i will end up staying here, if that is the case the first thing i am going to do is plant 7 peach trees in my yard. peaches are just ok, i wanted to grow cherries, but it’s more difficult getting the right varieties for this area of the state. plus there is an orchard a half mile down the road and they mostly grow peaches, so i know peaches grow well here. i wanted something that would bloom in the spring and peaches do bloom but only for a week in two in april or so.

the only thing i don’t like about this place is the road noise, but i dont think there is much else i can afford without noise.


There are beautiful areas in Michigan with lots of nature. There’s also farms, subdivisions and major cities. You get all types of weather. There are thousands of lakes plus the Great Lakes. It’s not Sunny often enough and it can get too hot and too cold but it’s not a bad place to live. I’m from Michigan.

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