Maybe im not psychotic, then I don't need so much meds

In the past when I came off meds I felt the deadness go away. I was so ALIVE. Maybe the meds make me dead not the sza. In 2013 I just took Lamotrigine and I was so alive. Yes I had mood swings but was i psychotic? Don’t think so, so why do I need AP’S? Thinking of taking less to see if I can cope. If I ever had psychosis it was mild so…yes. maybe I can cope.

Why not do it with the psychiatrists supervision. Tell him or her the same thing you told us and ask if you can try lowering your dose over time to see if you need it or not

Didn’t you relapse after 4-5 years?
I relapsed after slightly over a year but I have schizophrenia.

Don’t try that road. I’ve been down it and it’s a dead end that’s really difficult to get out of.

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Sounds like you are trying to talk yourself into believing you don’t need meds.

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