Maybe I make a youtube video about APs

When I was offered all these different medications I did try to research them but there was not much information available.

To some degree I wanted to verify my opinion that I shouldn’t take them. But I also wanted to find the unicorn medication or AP that I would want to take.

I did search on Youtube for videos from people who take the medications. Most videos on the medications are how they are marketed to the doctors. And most videos from people who take the APs are about schizophrenia and their delusions.

I think many people could save many years of their life by having a useful resource. The package insert is a resource, but its difficult to read them when you are introduced to them.

The people in the system (e.g. courts, hospital employees, case workers) often say they want you to be stable. I did not get it. What do they care if your psyche is stable, or your income or your living situation or hospitalizations. Many people that don’t have schizophrenia are allowed to be unstable.

I think the stability is mainly about stability of medication. That you don’t keep switching it and that you keep your dosage. You can’t be stable if that’s not stable.

And how do you get there as fast as possible? Do you have any experience or idea?
From my experience
1.) All APs suck. I don’t know if there is any point in trying them all out but I did, only to affirm the original statement.
2.) APs are manucatured in all dosages. If you don’t tolerate the AP, you may tolerate it at a lower dosage.
I prefer that against another AP.
(But that’s usually how it goes: The Dr. and your family want you to take the AP at a dosage you can’t tolerate. Its only a matter of time before you stop taking it. And then you don’t want to go back on it again. So its switched.)
3.) It maybe not about finding a stable dosage, but the willingness to increase and decrease the dosage against your natural instinct.

Anyway I thought I might put something together into a video about my current med Amisulpride (4.5 mg - 400 mg)


Why not? I think it wluld help people. If you can even help one person its worth it.