Maybe I feel a bit Aspergers , why not?

I’ve realized I have issues with eye contact, topic of conversation with not so close friends, social cues, some and I’m obsessed with some themes. I think I have rituals also.

Does your psychiatrist think you have Aspergers? Maybe you should bring it up to him/her if not?

No, he never told that to me, but in girls it’s less evident, I’ll tell him in the next appointment!

@Indecisive, maybe you should pay a little bit more attention to the hypochondria part of your diagnosis. You haven’t listed any symptom that couldn’t be explained by major depression, but you’ve diagnosed yourself with dementia, Asperger’s, and schizophrenia.

I worry that hanging around here and diagnosis shopping is not doing you any good.


It is good that @Rhubot is here. I didnt want to say “hypochondria”

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I know… What can I do about?? :face_with_thermometer:

I know I have it but it’s uncontrolable for me

I totally agree.

Diagnosis shopping ? What is that?

I know when I smoke pot I think more than I should maybe… :no_entry_sign:

Going from one diagnosis to another.
Thinking that you have all these different diagnoses.
You should listen to your doctor @Indecisive.
Having depression is tough enough.
Sounds like your suffering with some Hypochondria.
I know a whole lot about Hypochondria, I’m a big Hypochondriac myself!


You might have schizoid personality disorder.

I don’t refuse people, and I have a lot of feelings

Yes yes, I knw my hypochondrial part :joy:
But I don’t know what to do with it
I think it’s a mechanims for trying to improve myself searching treatments :sweat_smile:


I use to self diagnose myself all the time.
I also searched for treatments so I understand where your coming from.

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I would love one day stopping doing that and be in peace but nowadays I don’t feel owner of my mind in some aspects :roll_eyes:

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