Maybe I don´t need AP anymore?

Some years ago my Pdoc reduced my Abilify intake from 15mg to 5mg. I ■■■■■■ it up and went to a rave where I did a lot of drugs combined (needless to say I was under the effect of abilify so I didn´t get too high).

Long story short, months later I was tripping balls completely out of my mind. Olanzapine, and later back to 15 mg abilify.

Since then, I´ve been taking 15mg abilify religiously, but I haven´t gotten any appointment with my doc for years because I live in another country.

I´m thinking about talking to him again, and contemplate if he can reduce my dosis again…

I have two questions for you guys:

  1. Is it noticeable in the long term the benefits of less ap? I mean if the side effects are almost inexistent on 5mg abilify?
  2. I smoke weed every couple of weeks. With 15mg (I think) I´m fine but I´m scared to lower the dose just because of this.

I’m on risperidone 3mg a very low dose and never had side effects that didn’t go away apart from being drowsy after taking it. From what i’ve seen on some forums people with psychotic illness tolerate weed well when they are on a big dose, not saying that is your case but thats what some of them said.

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If it ain’t broke then don’t fix it.

I tried lowering just some of my supplements recently and that went horribly.


Maybe try 10mg Abilify and quit the weed?


Yeah stay away from the drugs


My doctor always told me if i stopped taking my meds my symptoms would come back stronger packing a punch. I’ve accepted ill always be on medicine. And thats ok


I agree with @everhopeful . If you’re doing well, why change anything?

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