Maybe I can not feel love nor hate

At least I think so right now, I am not able to feel love nor hate …. maybe it is best in this way. Do you feel love or hate ??

I don’t hate. I can’t. I won’t.
Love… I’m not able to feel much romantic love anymore, but I have plenty of other love.

Sometimes it’s frustrating. I feel like I’m broken and people think I’m cold.

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I used to feel hate when I was younger. Now what I feel is disappointment, but not hate. And I feel love for my husband and my family for example.

Dostoievski said, that the biggest hell for somebody, is when he cant love anymore… And I was in there and sometimes am still… It was very painful, I guess its painful for you too. I even knew lots of hate too, but i’ll work on this too.
Seeking positive emotions can help you for the love etc… To be angry is also something normal sometimes. Just try to love yourself now, thinking positive and vent when you need it. In my case, I was also severely disabled on the emotions too and it was a pain, yeap, I see you…


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