Maybe I am loveable

I have this colleague who I struggle to understand… she feels my partner does not love me as he has not married me… this is the woman who is unhappily married…

I know she thinks I am crazy as I’ve been paranoid in the office… yet i have an extremely supportive partner who is extremely smart and just received a promotion that might mean we can move out soon… he loves me despite my flaws … what do I have to worry about? I have everything I ever wanted and am extremely happy … my partner does not care that I don’t earn as much as him …

When I have told this woman we might not move out soon due to his pay cut … she seems happy to discuss and when I mention his promotion and being able to move out she doesn’t comment…


She sounds catty


Don’t worry about the haters @anon80629714.

You know what you have and that’s all that matters.


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